Performance of Kaori Flower Tea Salon

The British Scool of Etiquette.

【Event】 In November of 2019, held “A Christmas party for adults” in the Kobe Club, a membership social club

【Britain】In June of 2019,  Royal Ascot Race Meeting

【Event】 In May of 2019,  the main guest lecturer of “ A   Russian Royal Family’s picnic tea party” in  Consulate-General of the Russian Federation in Osaka

【Event】In February of 2019, held a tea party titled “Tea in harmony with Japanese cuisine with sounds of Koto (Japanese harp)” in Ajikiccho Bunbuan, a Japanese restaurant having Michelin guide stars 

【Magazine】 Appeared in the quarterly magazine “BON CHIC” edited by SYUFUNOTOMO Co.Ltd. through 5 pages.

【News Paper】Appeared on ASAHI SHIMBUN.

【TV】Appeared on Television.

【Event】The main guest lecturer of a Russian tea lesson in  Consulate-General of the Russian Federation in Osaka

【Event】The superintendent of a Christmas party with TAKARAJENNU  in the St.REGIS HOTEL OSAKA

【Event】The main guest lecturer of an event with Ajikiccho Bunbuan , a

 Japanese restaurant having Michelin guide stars, titled “Tea in harmony  with Japanese cuisine”

【TV】Appeared as a guest on  SHANANA  TV.

【Event】The superintendent of a Summer Evening Party in the Hotel New Hankyu. 

【Flower】Received requests of bridal bouquets and boutonnieres. 

【Britain】Learned in the tea instructor study group in the Savoy Hotel in London.

【Britain】Learned in the tea instructor study group in the Claridge Hotel in London.